Saturday, July 26, 2008

Swim Day

Okay...Today has been declared SWIM DAY! We have decided to swim as a family today. Kind of dumb I know but I realized. We have not swam together at all this summer. I have swam with the boys. Coy has swam with the boys, but we have not all swam together! Isn't that CRAZY?? Me & the boys are hoping that Coy gets home really early today so we can spend the day swimming together. Jaym even put in a special request that his daddy bring home Happy Meals from McDonald's on his way home!!!

It is so hard to believe that I start school in 2 weeks!! This summer has absolutely flown by!! Looking back at last year this time, our pool wasn't even done!!

Here are few pics of the boys of swim day!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Calling all cLoWnS!!

Well...the circus is in town and of course we were there!! It was a total blast! We had excellent seats and we went with Coy's family...Grammi, PawPaw, Aney, Unkie, Lynzi, Asher & of course my gang! We were totally in awe of the awesome performances!! I remember going to the circus as a kid but I definitely do not remember it being so spectacular!! We will definitely be there in the years to come!! First we went to the! Jaym was in autograph heaven!!! He went around trying to get everyone's autograph! He was on a MISSION!! Jax just sat back and enjoyed!! It's just amazing how much Jaym is a carbon of Coy....and Jax is a carbon of Me!! Really weird!! Not only that....Jaym & Lynzi are a lot alike as well. It was really funny to watch!Anywho...we had a blast!! The stunts were amazing! 2 brothers were tightrope walkers. Oh my gosh!! They would run, dance, jump & flip over each other across the rope!! I was practically holding my breath the WHOLE time!! The looks on the Jaym & Jax's faces were pure AWE!! So wrapping it up...we will definitely do this every year and it is well worth the money...okay maybe not the money you have to spend THERE because your kids are bugging you to get a snowcone ($9) cotton candy ($12) lemonade ($9) program & coloring book ($14)...that adds up but the cost of tickets was well worth it!! Needless to say Jaym & Jax's enjoyment was PRICELESS!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


We're back and EXHAUSTED! We decided to extend it one more day and head to San Marcos for some shopping!! What can beat some OUTLETS!! Garner is always interesting and FUN at the same time. Everyone seems to get a little braver in Garner no matter what!! Besides the river being a dry creek bed and the little bites covering my body....we had a blast as usual! The guys only got to float the river a few times, but it was a little to few for Coy. He would've floated everyday 3 times a day if possible. We mostly hung out in the river down from our cabin and chilled. That's what I call relaxing. jax loved it...he couldn't get enough of the water. Of course, he thinks he's bigger than he actually is so that always causes a tiff! jaym is getting bigger each time i turn around. ROPE goes way too fast for them to be so big.

Coy and jaym flew in a copter!! jaym was pumped (when isn't he?) They got a nice sky tour of Concan and loved every minute of it!! Coy was in heaven because he made it to 2 concerts....the traditional KEVIN FOWLER and the BAllamy Brothers! The funniest thing....jaym walks up with a drink (coke)...uh...where did you get that?? He turns and points to a group (family) of people...I am in shock and the people yell....

"Don't worry about it...he already had a hot dog and chips too. He said he was hungry so we fed him"

WHAT??? jaym is way too friendly....he had been playing with their little boy all day and felt right at home!!! Like father like son!! OUr neighbors next door practically adopted them (boys) as well. Necklaces were made for them and they had dancing contests ( which jax WON) I guess he's got the rhythm in his blood...he he he!! Front porch concerts are another plus of good ole garner entertainment....probably Coy's favorite!!

As great as it is to go to's just as nice to come home! :)

Friday, July 11, 2008


We're heading out tomorrow & I think....I have everything! We'll be gone until next, that's a long time. But Garner is worth it!! I will update when I get back !! I am sure there will be plenty to talk about!!! :)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

the CrAzY life...full of exploding FIREWORKS

JuLy 4th!! It's always EXPLOSIVE!! The boys and Heidi & Laryd loved the fireworks! Of course TATS (tattoes) were involved! There's NOTHING like cheap tattoes that take FORever to get off! Coy is just like a little kid getting all into it!! I actually think he is a PYRO!! ONce again fire was involved so Jaym was all into it. Jax...not so much!! He was a little scared of the whole scene so he mostly chilled in the pool with JUJU. Cash was not a fan either!! Hiding every second to get away... Me...trying to recover from my procedure!! WHOPEEE!! Garner is right around the corner & Jaym can't wait. I have already started putting things to the side to take. We leave next Saturday and I am sure the days will just fly by!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Still Flyin'

I can only say WOW!! Time this summer is just going by! It is already July and before I know it Garner time will be here!! Jax is absolutely at the cutest stage. He says the funniest things! "BLUE--It my fariote culer" In other's his favorite color! He absolutely loves blue??!! You could say he's a little obsessed!! POTTY TRAINING IS NOW IN SESSION!! I now remember why I kept putting it off!!
Recently we had a big day in Kemah! The Dugat Bunch and us loaded up and headed out!! Loads of fun when all the kids are WIRED! :) We went to Itchy Bon (sp)!! Jaym so loved it!!! Of course he can't get enough FIRE FIRE FIRE. So that was right up his alley!! Then we headed over to the boardwalk for some more action!! are a few pics.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Life's Too StReSs here it online journal. I already record my details in journal at home, but let's try the "high tech" version! It feels like life is flying by and I watching from a distance. All I keep telling myself is to record all of life's details so I remember why I am CrAzY!! Before I know it, my boys will be all grown and I will wonder where the time went. So here we go... all the details from BIG to small...boring & exciting....Happy and sad!! Maybe after this glimpse into my life, you will understand why my life will NEVER be the same!!